Em. O. Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Techn. Hermann Knoflacher


Sustainable Mobility / City Traffic Planning

Born in Villach, Austria


University professor of the Institute of Transportation, Research Center of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering
University of Technology Vienna (TU Wien)


Civil Engineering, Mathematics and Geodesy Studies on the Technical University of Vienna

1967, Doctor’s degree on technical science
1972, University docent
1975, Full professor


1970 – 1983, Head of the Institute for Transport, Austrian Road Safety Board
1971 – 2010, Director of Civil Engineering Office
1977 – 1984, Personal advisor of the transport minister of Austria
1994 – 2000, Expert to the European Commission for the Research Programs Telematics and Sustainable Mobility
1975 – Dec 2007, Head of the Institute for Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering, University of Technology Vienna (TU Wien)


Design of transport elements
Transport system user behavior
Traffic-infrastructure and mobility
Sustainable development of Cities and Mobility
Traffic safety
Basic interdisciplinary research
Human system behavior and evolution
Dynamic of complex Urban Systems
Sustainable urban and transport development
Traffic safety from a system view
Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research
Building a sound-scientific background for Transport and Urban Planning


Since 1963, Practical Transport Planning Masterplans for Cities, Regions, Countries
Projects in the fields of Pedestrian, Cycle, Public Transport and Road Transport Planning

Since 1967, 9 Books, more than 500 Scientific Publications, 500 Expert Opinions and more than 1.000 Lectures in the field of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering worldwide (USA, Europe, Asia, Australia)


Member of countless OECD-research groups
Adviser to Transport Ministers since 1980
Expert for Sustainable Transport and Intermodality to the European Commission (5.FP)
Expert for Telematics in Transport to the EC (4.FP)
Member of the European Academy of Science
Member of the Finish Academy of Technical Science
Member of the Balaton Group for Sustainable Development
Member of PIARC (World Road Association)
Member of the Transport Research Board (TRB), Pedestrian Committee
President of the Club of Vienna
Chairman of the Austrian Urban Road Scientific Committee
Member of the Board of SETREF
Responsible for the transport in the Urban Age Program of the London School of Economics
Expert to the European Commission on telematics and transport, intermodality and sustainable transport
Guest professor in USA, Japan, China, several European countries
Manager of international research projects for example QRA for tunnel safety
Special advisor to the Balaton Group