Prof. Dr. Ugur Atikol


Thermodynamics & Energy Management


Uğur Atikol is professor of Thermodynamics, Energy Management and Building Services at the Eastern Mediterranean University of Famagusta, N. Cyprus, where he has also the responsibility of directing the Energy Research Centre (ERC). He is a Certified Energy Auditor and has many years of experience in HVAC engineering. He specializes in Energy Management and Thermodynamics. His research work is largely focused on analyzing and proposing solutions to the problems encountered in transferring clean and efficient energy technologies to developing countries. He gained experience by taking part in large scale projects as a senior expert in the implementation of sustainable energy projects aiming at increasing the living standards of the Turkish Cypriot community in Cyprus. Resource Efficiency Achievement Project (REAP) sponsored by the USAID, Public Awareness Campaign and Renewable Energy Utilization in Rural Development Program sponsored by the EU are some examples. Recently he has been co-chairing a working group given the task to develop the strategic plan for implementing energy efficiency in all sectors of northern part of Cyprus. He was one of the co-founders of the Cyprus Chapter of Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) of which he was elected as the first
president in 2006. One year later he took part in the foundation of the Energy Professionals Association (EPA) in northern Cyprus. He authored or co-authored over 20 scientific papers published in indexed scientific journals. He co-wrote a chapter titled “Energy Efficiency: Developing Countries” in the Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technology edited by Taylor & Francis.


1994 – present, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Famagusta, N. Cyprus

Faculty Member, Department of Mechanical Engineering
2010 – 2016, Head of Department / Full accreditation to ABET in 2011
2005 – 2015, Member of ABET Committee of the department (ABET – Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)
2004 – present, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Famagusta, N. Cyprus

Director, Energy Research Center
2016, Invited Speaker (Title: Global Best Practice in Demand-Side Management), Oman Energy and Water Exhibition and Conference, Muscat, Oman
2016, Chair of the International Conference on Viable Energy Trends (InVEnT-2016)
2015, Keynote Speaker (Title: Adoption of Sustainable Energy Policies in Developing Countries), International Conference on Clean Energy (ICCE-2015), Saskatoon, Canada
2014 – present, Short Term Energy Expert, Implementation of grant schemes on renewable energy for the Turkish Cypriot community in Cyprus
2010, Chair of the 10th International Conference on Clean Energy (ICCE-2010)
2009 – 2010, Local Expert, EU project on demand-side management (DSM) – Energy Awareness project
2005 – 2007, Local Energy Expert, USAID sponsored Resource Efficiency Achievement Project (REAP)
2006 – 2007, Director of the energy efficiency public awareness and DSM campaign for the Cyprus Electricity Board (KIB-TEK)
2006, Organizer and chair of the discussion panel on short – term energy policies for N. Cyprus (2006)
1996, Demand-side management (DSM) survey conducted for the Turkish Cypriot community in Cyprus with a list of program proposals

1992 – 1995, President, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers
1989 – present, Cyprus Turkish Association of Engineers and Architects