Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zehra Yumurtaci


Sustainable Energy Systems


1986, Graduation from Yildiz Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department
MSc degree at Yildiz Technical University
PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from Yildiz Technical University
Associate Professor at Yildiz Technical University
Postdoctoral Studies in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Canada, Ecole Polytechnic Enstitute
2012, Associate Professor in the Energy Technologies Branch of Mechanical Department, Yildiz Technical University


Her current research focus is on

(i) Evaluation and modelling strategies for renewables energy systems
(ii) Renewable energy systems (specially Hydropower and wind energy)
(iii) Regulation of energy markets
(iv) Energy policy strategies

She works in these fields since more than 20 years and has published various papers in reviewed international journals. Moreover, she has coordinated and coordinates projects for The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Tübitak) and she has studied by researcher. Dr. Yumurtacı worked as a project leader or researcher in projects like “Integration of Turkey Wind Energy Potantial to the Grid by Utilizing Pump Storage Power Plants”, “Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis in Cavitating Pumps”, “Modeling the Macro-Spatial Statistical Distribution of Wind Speeds and Optimization of an Integrated System Windfarm Using Different Wind Turbines According to Mean Generated Power and Various Risk Criteria”.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yumurtaci, is also organizing national and international conference as chair or co-chair.